Our work

The world is realizing that we need to
preserve our planet and that it requires a much more
sustainable approach on agriculture. Also, the world
deserves access to healthy food.

We are committed to project result

The world is our home market: we work for customers all over the globe. From specialist challenges with areas of only a few thousand square metres to projects of sixty hectares. Our broad scope enables us to help you visualise, in the advisory phase already, what your project will eventually look like. And our involvement in preparing your site for construction and creating the necessary infrastructure at the very start of the realisation of your project will guarantee a smooth succession of the subsequent building phases. Also in complex projects calling for supplementary expertise.

As a director in front of and behind the scenes we will coordinate the operations of all the parties involved in your project. And as a committed, responsible construction company our greatest priorities will be safety, health and the environment under all circumstances.

Efficient project management

Efficient project management also ensures that the input of external suppliers is effectively incorporated in the overall project plan. In specialist fields for which we consult third parties, such as automation, internal logistics, water management and the like, we preferably work together with regular partners. We are of course also open to cooperation with local suppliers in the countries in which we are active. Our customers may rest assured of our supervision in all projects.