About us

Van der Hoeven has been a full-service provider of horticultural projects all over the world since 1953.

Our focus: Challenging and innovative projects

The construction of projects in today’s horticultural sector involves increasing levels of complexity and precision that can no longer be achieved with linear thinking.

Customers are demanding tailored, specific solutions that use energy and water in a highly efficient way, generating superior returns on project investment while harnessing our planet's natural resources. 

We take pride in meeting these exacting standards, while complying with local legislation and regulations, and other related matters. Moreover, we use the latest and most advanced horticultural technologies that have been integrated into our projects to produce intelligent greenhouse solutions.  

With approximately 150 people working from the headquarters in Den Hoorn (the Netherlands), Van der Hoeven specializes in the design, engineering, project management, construction, advisory and operations of complex greenhouse projects. We focus particularly on challenging and innovative projects, including those situated in environments that were previously considered too harsh for the cultivation of horticultural crops.

Together with our shareholder Arvesta and our strategic partners, we continuously reinvest in R&D and new business propositions to advance the industry. We believe this vision allows us to operate our business successfully and work towards a better planet.