A Powerful Partnership in the Horticultural Industry

For many decades, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects has a successful collaboration with Rijk Zwaan.

For many decades, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects has enjoyed a successful collaboration with Rijk Zwaan, a leading international vegetable breeding company. With over 3,500 employees across 30 countries, Rijk Zwaan manages all its international construction activities from the Netherlands. Together, we have completed numerous projects and are actively engaged in several ongoing initiatives.

The Foundation of Our Success

The strength and success of our long-standing relationship can be attributed to mutual trust and a deep understanding of each other's strengths. Jan van der Lee, engineer at Van der Hoeven and one of Rijk Zwaan's primary contacts, emphasizes, "The foundation of our success is the mutual trust we have in each other, evident in every layer of our cooperation. This understanding allows us to precisely meet each other's needs, facilitating mutual advancement and achieving optimal outcomes aligned with the client's objectives."

Notable Projects: From Dinteloord in The Netherlands to Tanzania

Throughout our extensive collaboration, we have realized projects worldwide. Among the most recent are 'De Hybride' and 'Rijk Zwaan Dinteloord.'

De Hybride: This project involved creating an 8.5-hectare breeding facility aimed at meeting the highest quality standards. Operational since the end of 2020, it stands as a testament to our joint commitment to excellence.

Rijk Zwaan Dinteloord: Spanning 6 hectares, this project integrates plant material cultivation and fruit production within a single company, operational since 2021.

Our collaboration has also extended to other international initiatives, such as a 4.5-hectare seed production facility in Arusha, Tanzania, and a nearly 4-hectare project for 'Rijk Zwaan Promex' in Mexico.

Roberto Hernandez, a Service Engineer at Van der Hoeven, reflects on the Mexico project, "We take pride in the realization of this sophisticated facility. Despite significant challenges, our collaborative effort resulted in a world-class outcome, showcasing our capability to deliver high-caliber projects globally."

Collaborative Teamwork

From the outset, Van der Hoeven has been Rijk Zwaan's sparring partner for new domestic and international projects. CTO Menno van den Brink explains, "We leverage our knowledge from previously completed Rijk Zwaan projects, along with our global experience from other endeavors, to collaboratively engineer the best solutions."

Ongoing Projects

Currently, several active projects are in progress, continuing the tradition of excellence and innovation that defines our partnership with Rijk Zwaan. As we look to the future, our commitment to collaboration and achieving outstanding results remains steadfast.


The successful collaboration between Van der Hoeven and Rijk Zwaan exemplifies the power of mutual trust, shared goals, and collaborative teamwork. Together, we continue to set new standards in the horticultural industry, delivering projects that not only meet but exceed the highest quality standards globally.