Our Operate & Maintenance (O&M) team is specialized in bringing a horticultural system from commissioning towards targeted yield effectively.

Our team also educates and trains the local team towards a self-sufficient operating model. By doing so, the horticultural project is de-risked from a production point of view for our clients.

Setting up a successful CEA production project requires experience and expertise in a wide range of areas.

Van der Hoeven remains committed to providing support in all possible aspects even after greenhouse construction ends, and will continue to guide the employees in charge for as long as it takes for them to be able to conduct their tasks independently.

If greenhouse horticulture is not the investor's core business, Van der Hoeven will take care of the start-up for them. Our network of experienced growers means that we can station a specialist at your company from the very start: a grower who is used to training teams of local employees to become independent professionals in the horticultural sector. This training can range from crop cultivation to technical systems.

Becoming self-supporting as quickly as possible

As the client, you will also have a say in how the training is delivered. We can train employees in management positions, or prepare entire teams for their duties. The goal is always to make a project self-supporting as soon as possible. Naturally, specific questions will continue to arise after this period, in which case we can continue to provide knowledge via online support. Thanks to developments in autonomous growing, a cultivation specialist can also monitor key crop parameters remotely.