Comprehensive Business Advisory Tailored to Each Greenhouse

As your dedicated business advisor, Van der Hoeven focuses on enhancing every aspect of your horticulture operations. Implementing a new project is always a combination of several disciplines:

  • Energy Solutions: Implementing sustainable and efficient energy use.
  • Water Efficiency: Ensuring optimal water usage.
  • Crop Production: Tailoring strategies to maximize yield and quality.
  • Financial Planning: Crafting financial strategies that support your project's success.
  • Labor Management: Ensuring your workforce is efficient and well-managed.

Specialized Expertise Just for You
Our team of specialists is equipped to bring your ideas to life through a comprehensive, well-thought-out plan. Beyond just being your trusted partner and lifting all burdens off your shoulders, our involvement extends far beyond constructing your greenhouse. We're here to support every phase of your project.

Tailored Support
We understand that not every customer comes to us with a complete plan or even a background in horticulture. This is especially true for customers in regions where professional greenhouse horticulture is emerging. Van der Hoeven stands as your experienced consultancy partner, ready to fill in the gaps with our:

  • Global Experience: Leveraging our involvement in diverse projects worldwide to offer informed advice.
  • Knowledge Sharing: We're eager to share our insights to ensure your commercial success.
  • Customized Solutions: Considering your specific climate zone, market, and resources to recommend the best approach.

Selecting the most sustainable food production systems

Van der Hoeven as a pioneer and the first in the sector, introduces the Life Cycle Analysis. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to developing high-tech, sustainable, and resilient food production systems.

Van der Hoeven’s Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a comprehensive tool designed to measure and evaluate the environmental impact of food production systems. It evaluates 16 environmental impact categories of a product's life cycle, from raw material extraction and production to distribution, use, and disposal. By assessing these stages, LCA provides a detailed picture of the total environmental footprint, helping identify areas for improvement and more sustainable practices.

The role of LCA in decision-Making
LCA enables customers to make informed decisions when designing greenhouses. It aids in the selection of materials, methods, and suppliers, promoting a sustainable supply chain. By calculating the impact of different energy resources, LCA helps create sustainable energy strategies tailored to each greenhouse project. Furthermore, customers can use LCA data for sustainability reports and funding applications, ensuring sustainable choices at every stage.

Full-service advisor

Our advice extends further than just the technical side of your project. You can rely on our expertise across the entire scope of your business operations, including logistics, marketing, sales and packaging. We can also help you to take your HR policy and sustainability to the next level so that you can build a solid business case.

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Water & Sustainability Manager

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Energy & Sustainability Manager

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Feasibility studies and scenarios

By conducting feasibility studies at an early stage, you will gain a clear picture of what return you can expect on your investment, as well as anticipated production levels and energy use. Drawing up a range of scenarios provides insight into what could happen in the case of changes to certain variables, such as the size of the project, its location, layout, crop or cultivation system. Thorough risk management will reveal factors that you need to be prepared for, such as rising energy costs. There is an answer to every question: a reliable answer, based on sound market knowledge and our own in-house models.