Life Cycle Analysis: Selecting the most sustainable food production systems

Selecting the most sustainable food production systems

In response to the pressing challenges of climate change, food security, and a growing world population, Van der Hoeven as a pioneer and the first in the sector, introduces the Life Cycle Analysis for high-tech greenhouses. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to developing high-tech, sustainable, and resilient food production systems.

Key insights from LCA
LCA is based on the FreshProducePEFCR, offering a broad perspective on food production. The analysis covers all life cycle stages, from the extraction of raw materials for greenhouse components to the end-of-life disposal of the structure.

The LCA measures the climate change impact and 15 other environmental impacts, including fossil, mineral, and metal resource use, acidification, particulate matter, and water use. This detailed analysis helps identify the most environmentally damaging components and provides data-driven solutions for a sustainable supply chain.

The urgent need for sustainable food production
The growing world population amplifies the need for efficient and sustainable food production methods. High-tech greenhouses offer the solution by providing a controlled environment for year-round crop cultivation, resulting in higher yields and more efficient use of resources such as water, energy, CO₂ and fertilizers.

The role of LCA in decision-making
LCA enables Van der Hoeven and its customers to make informed decisions when designing greenhouses. It aids in the selection of materials, methods, and suppliers, promoting a sustainable supply chain. By calculating the impact of different energy resources, LCA helps create sustainable energy strategies tailored to each greenhouse project. Furthermore, customers can use LCA data for sustainability reports and funding applications, ensuring sustainable choices at every stage.

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